Animation & Design

  • Reus – Intro

    Reus – Intro

    Reus is a “God” game (available on Steam). We created the opening of this game.

  • Bark up a Tree

    Bark up a Tree

    Short story about the small world of a dog that likes to chase.

  • Radio Zonder Handen

    Radio Zonder Handen

    Animated sketch for the Dutch television network “Vara”.
    Made possible by:

  • The New Suited (Pilot)

    The New Suited (Pilot)

    Living in a world full of gamers and internet memes these two spies have to correct things that gone out of control.

  • Effectory – End of Year

    Effectory – End of Year

    One of the many films we made for Effectory.

  • Fair Climate Fund Commercial

    Fair Climate Fund Commercial

    Commercial for Fair Climate Fund about the reduction of CO2

  • Music Marketeers

    Music Marketeers

    1 of 3 films for Music Marketeers

  • Crocodile


    A short about Krokodil (Crocodile) that teaches Konijn (Rabbit) how important brushing teeth is.

  • Droomwevers – ijsbeer

    Droomwevers – ijsbeer

    Short film about the polar bear. The song is in Dutch.